Love this site! Made some great purchases and at a super price! They get more and more great new products all the time. The staff are very helpful a friendly. Overall great experience. Highly reccomended!!! 

-   Jesse S. (User Since July 2017)

I have been placing bids for more than 15 years through numerous in-house and online auction platforms. Platinum Liquidations Inc stands out as one of the best online auction companies I have seen so far. They stand behind their items, describe them accurately and provide enough details that allow for comfortable bidding. There is a low starting price with no reserve for most of the items, which ensures fair market price at the end of the auction. Quality packaging and reasonable shipping prices make them different than any other auction company.

-    Bykobap (User Since September 2015)

Ever since I came across the Platinum Liquidations auction website last summer, I have not been able to stay away.  After my first auction win, I was hooked. I visit the website several times a week and love the wide variety of items constantly available.  Online bidding is simple with useful bidding features and comprehensive account tracking I would expect from a retail website. I get great deals paying what I want and have fun doing it. I've told all my friends about it, but also warned them not to bid against me, haha!

-          Chetng  (User Since July 2014)

Platinum Liquidations is the perfect place for all your special occasion shopping needs within the home, with over a dozen of categories ranging from household items to a diamonds in the rough jewellery section - you can never be disappointed with the price because you are going to get a great deal!  The quality of high end items to choose from is a great surprise. The items are displayed using several photos at different angles and they provide an honest description of the condition of the items. The best aspect is that you can pick up your auction wins at no extra cost!

-    Carmen T (User Since July 2014)









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